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Make The World A Better Place

Disruptive innovation can help transform and solve some of the world’s most persistent problems. Good innovation investing focuses on technologies and companies that are likely to have a positive impact on the environment, our society, and the world’s ability to create further innovations.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are meant to provide a shared blueprint for peace, prosperity, and a more sustainable future. ARK’s research and investment strategies are focused on innovation platforms and technologies that we believe align closely with the principles of the UN’s SDGs.

From a top-down research perspective, among other factors, ARK aims to analyze how environmental and social considerations, outlined in the SDGs, align with disruptive innovation. The goal is to show the relationship each innovation company has to the seventeen SDGs, which enables ARK to consider ESG factors intrinsically in its investment decisions.

How Is Innovation Making The World A Better Place?


Next Generation Internet

Increasing business productivity and consumer access by changing the way the world manages information, analyzes data, purchases goods, and communicates across the globe.


DNA Sequencing

Striving to cure diseases and enhance the quality of life by restructuring health care, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.



Increasing consumer and business access to banking and other financial services, especially in lesser developed markets, by revolutionizing the financial industry.


Robotics & Autonomous Technology

Enhancing productivity and wage gains, while reducing consumer costs and carbon emissions with advancements in automation, energy storage, 3D printing, modern infrastructure, and space exploration.

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