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The Modern SaaS Industry with Austin Petersmith
The Modern SaaS Industry with Austin Petersmith

The Modern SaaS Industry with Austin Petersmith

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Today on the show, we welcome Austin Petersmith, Founder and CEO of Capiche. Capiche is a startup that aims to bring transparency and trusted reviews to the world of enterprise software. The SaaS industry has blossomed in recent years with dozens of tools being used across productivity, communication, databases and DevOps. In this episode, Austin gives an overview of how the modern software as a service (SaaS) industry was born and what’s coming down the pike. We hear the gap in the enterprise software customer experience that Capiche aims to fulfill and what the benefits are of having a communal space that fosters a mentality of users-helping-users. We also discuss the range of software available to us today and how the traditional top-down decision-making power within these structures is stretching across all employees into the hands of the individual. With more and more people settling into remote work during the coronavirus lockdowns, we explore the importance of having trust within organizations and why this is the most important leadership quality that needs to be practiced, right now.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Discover how Austin got interested in enterprise software and how Capiche began.
  • The frustration with most software review sites when trying to find the right tools to use.
  • The core differences between a personal peer-review and vendor-controlled review sites.
  • Discover what Capiche is, how it works, and the gap it fills in the software community.
  • The value of building a community around more honest and insightful conversations.
  • Users helping users: Find out more about the discussions taking place on Capiche.
  • Learn more about the mechanism Capiche uses to acquire users and get them to engage.
  • The state of software for productivity today and the bottom-up adoption of software.
  • Find out more about the SaaS trend and the consumerization of enterprise software.
  • Using a well-known, established product versus using a new startup product.
  • Is it really that easy for companies to chop and change software products today?
  • Discover the general reception of Microsoft Teams among the Capiche community.
  • Who is going to be the next Slack? Promising products to look out for on the horizon.
  • Why trust is the most important thing when working remotely during the coronavirus.

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