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The Future of Food Delivery with James Wang
The Future of Food Delivery with James Wang

The Future of Food Delivery with James Wang

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Food delivery platforms like GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Meituan are taking over the world. In this episode, ARK Internet Analyst James Wang shares his insights on the food delivery business and why he thinks this industry is about to take off now. He talks about the changing nature of our food consumption patterns and admits he’s guilty of ordering more food than the average US citizen. James tells us more about the growing penetration of food delivery platforms, the complexities of marketplace businesses, and why he considers them three sided networks. We discuss food delivery services in China and explain what “dark kitchens” are. Join us for a great episode as we learn more about the future of food delivery services!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why internet companies are successful
  • What the next wave of internet businesses can look like
  • Why food delivery services are taking off now
  • What delivery services mean for restaurants
  • Marketplace businesses are three sided networks
  • The current penetration of food delivery services
  • Explosion of food delivery in China
  • Autonomous driving may be the future of food delivery
  • What dark kitchens are

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