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Big Ideas 2022 with Cathie Wood and Chris Hayes
By: Catherine Wood
Big Ideas 2022 with Cathie Wood and Chris Hayes

Big Ideas 2022 with Cathie Wood and Chris Hayes

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On this episode, we bring you an excerpt from our Big Ideas Summit 2022, which was presented live on January 25, 2022. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes interviews our CEO and CIO, Cathie Wood on a wide range of topics spanning all of our big ideas. Cathie shares insights into the world’s current climate of innovation and technology, as well as her predictions for the future. We learn about the move from fossil fuel extraction to new emerging technologies, and what is predicted to contribute towards the shift to renewable energy. Cathie fills us in on how Bitcoin mining could accelerate this shift and how Tesla’s solar roofs can change the solar energy game. We discover how AI is converging with blockchain technology to help solve the world’s problems, and with the genomic space to help cure disease. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. Tune in to learn more about the five major innovation platforms that are simultaneously evolving today, not to mention the three significant revolutions we believe are taking place right now! For the full big ideas presentation click here.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Cathie’s predictions of the future in terms of innovation and technology.
  • We believe that five major innovation platforms simultaneously evolving.
  • What is contributing to the move from fossil fuel extraction to new emerging technologies.
  • The cost declines in emerging technologies.
  • Cathie predicts how Tesla’s solar roofs will change the game.
  • How Bitcoin mining could accelerate the shift towards renewable energy.
  • How AI is converging with other innovative technologies to solve the world’s problems.
  • The three revolutions simultaneously taking place right now!
  • The monetary revolution and the profound ramifications predicted as a result of Bitcoin.
  • The role of decentralized finance in the financial services revolution.
  • Cathie describes NFTs and their role in the next-generation Internet revolution.

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