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Augmented Reality with Paul Travers
By: Nicholas Grous
Augmented Reality with Paul Travers

Augmented Reality with Paul Travers

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As the Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) space, or ARVR, continues with its explosive growth, we believe that we are still only at the early stages of these computing powers’ potential applications and use cases. Paul Travers, the CEO of Vuzix, a public company developing wearable display technology, joins us to share some of his insights into the business and the AR space.

We kick off by taking a look at Paul’s prolific background in ARVR, and he shares why Vuzix decided to move from VR to AR. We then hear about a variety of use cases for the company’s technology and why they are so focused on wearability and the aesthetics of their product offerings. Creating lightweight, attractive glasses that are highly functional is what Paul believes separates them from the competition. From there, we delve into some of the most prevalent myths in the AR space, and Paul helps us debunk them. As the show wraps up, we discuss Vuzix’s enterprise offering, their software development, and why the convergence of the tech in the ARVR space is inevitable. AR is undoubtedly at an inflection point in its development, and we cannot wait to see where it’s headed in the years to come.

  • ARK’s line of thinking around the ARVR space; we are still in the early stages.
  • Get to know Paul, his extensive background in the ARVR space, and Vuzix’s focus.
  • The impetus for moving from a VR headset to AR
  • Insights into the enterprise side of Vuzix’s business and who their customers are.
  • Details about how Vuzix’s glasses work, how it connects to the internet, and the connectivity it provides.
  • How COVID has accelerated adoption in the medical space.
  • Debunking some of the common misconceptions in the AR space.
  • Ways that Vuzix’s smart glasses enhance productivity and potentially increase ROI.
  • Paul’s view on whether technology can replace human beings.
  • Paul’s insights into VR and where he sees that sector going.
  • Some of the shifts that have enabled the growth of AR and VR.
  • How Vuzix differentiates itself from competitors in the enterprise space.
  • A look at the software side and how Vuzix incorporates this into their products.

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