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ByteDance, TikTok, and China's Growing Influence in Global Tech with Matthew Brennan
By: Nicholas Grous
ByteDance, TikTok, and China's Growing Influence in Global Tech with Matthew Brennan

ByteDance, TikTok, and China's Growing Influence in Global Tech with Matthew Brennan

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Apps like WeChat are leading a wave of innovation in China and the world, quickly bringing China closer to the goal of becoming a technological superpower. In today’s episode, ARK Analyst, James Wang, interviews Matthew Brennan about the future of Chinese mobile technology and innovation. Matthew is a speaker and writer focusing specifically on mobile technology and innovation in China. In particular, he’s known for his analysis of social e-commerce and WeChat, China’s famous super app. He explains what a super app is – or isn’t – and how recommendation algorithms, video classification, and growth hacking have contributed to the rapid growth of companies like ByteDance. Find out how TikTok achieved international success, and hear Matthew weigh up the likelihood that short-video and live stream e-commerce will become popular in the near future in the US. Tune in today to find out more!

  • Matthew explains the short-form video trend and the rise of ByteDance in China.
  • The relationship between and ByteDance.
  • Why TikTok’s recommendation algorithm is different from others.
  • How the TikTok recommendation algorithm works.
  • The advancement of video classification technology over the past few years and how it assists with enriching user profiles.
  • Growth hacking and how it contributed to ByteDance’s success.
  • When TikTok’s reputation took a turn and became the app of choice for the Gen Z.
  • Matthew weighs in in TikTok’s biggest threat and its growth trajectory.
  • E-commerce and TikTok – the future of live stream and short video e-commerce.
  • Instagram Reels versus TikTok and the 2018 scramble to copy TikTok.
  • Matthew shares some of the live stream e-commerce trends he has seen.
  • The discounting mechanism and how it plays into the success of e-commerce marketplaces like Pinduoduo, TaoBao, and Alibaba.
  • Matthew explains the super app phenomenon in China – it’s all about user acquisition costs.
  • Why WeChat is a real super app and the key to food-delivery app Meituan’s success.
  • Why it’s ByteDance’s game to lose right now and what their trajectory will be.

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