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Designing The Future Of Software Engineering with Amjad Masad from Replit
By: Will Summerlin
Designing The Future Of Software Engineering with Amjad Masad from Replit

Designing The Future Of Software Engineering with Amjad Masad from Replit

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Programming has transitioned from machine code to punch cards, from assembly to high-level languages, and from C to dynamic languages, then to Python. Now, we are heading into the next frontier with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and today’s guest, Amjad Masad, is one of the leaders designing the future of software engineering. During this episode, Amjad explains how the challenges he came up against during his early days as a programmer inspired him to make programming more accessible and how he is turning that dream into a reality through his privately-held company, Replit. Among other things, you’ll hear why Replit might appeal to both novice and highly experienced programmers, their “code as data” approach, the exponential growth that the company has experienced since its founding in 2016, and why Amjad believes that in the coming years, a single software developer might have the same productivity level as a 100 software developers today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Amjad Masad, the co-founder and CEO of Replit, shares what the company does and the vision that drives them.
  • The problem with the programming world that inspired Amjad to found Replit.
  • What the Replit prototype was like in its infancy.
  • Amjad’s breakthrough that went viral.
  • The early years of Amjad’s career.
  • How Replit has grown since its founding in 2016.
  • Value that Replit aims to provide to beginner and senior programmers.
  • Where the idea of using code as data originated.
  • How Replit acquired its name.
  • Impacts of the Transformer revolution.
  • How Transformers are programmed.
  • Amjad explains what his Ghostwriter program does.
  • Valuable lessons Amjad learned from The Mythical Man-Month.
  • Software engineering’s latest “silver bullet.”
  • What Amjad sees as the role of software engineers in the future.
  • A high-level overview of the history of programming and the developments that Amjad expects to see in the coming years.
  • Factors that might make Replit stand out from its competitors.
  • What Amjad wishes he knew from day one of building Replit.

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