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Building a Commercial Space Station with Amir Blachman and Michael López-Alegría
By: Sam Korus
Building a Commercial Space Station with Amir Blachman and Michael López-Alegría

Building a Commercial Space Station with Amir Blachman and Michael López-Alegría

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The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest human-made object in low Earth orbit and serves as a unique platform for scientific research and technological development. It was first made operational in the year 2000 and acts as a symbol of international diplomacy, demonstrating how countries can work together to achieve a common goal, despite political or cultural differences. And as the ISS enters its third decade of operation, it nears the end of its planned operational life, which is set for 2028, at the earliest. Joining us today to discuss the ISS, its incredible achievements, and its future are two leading figures from Axiom Space, Chief Information Officer Amir Blachman, and Chief Astronaut Michael López-Alegría. In our conversation, we discuss the plan to retire ISS and Axiom Space’s role in transitioning to becoming a commercial space station. We learn about Ax-1, the first fully private astronaut trip to the ISS, led by Axiom Space, and what to expect from their second upcoming mission, Ax-2. Michael and Amir also provide insight into the founding of Axiom Space, the expert team that runs its operations, and the key factors that sets the company apart from its competitors. To learn more about Axiom Space, the history of the ISS, and the future of spaceflight, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guests, Amir Blachman and Michael López-Alegría.
  • An overview of the International Space Station (ISS) and its functions.
  • The ISS’s importance as a lab and as a symbol of diplomacy.
  • Why the ISS will eventually need to be replaced and how it should be done.
  • Axiom Space’s goal to build the world’s first commercial space station.
  • A breakdown of how Axiom Space plans to accomplish this.
  • How things have changed at the ISS in the past two decades.
  • Examples of how the ISS has benefited humanity.
  • Axiom Space’s role in transitioning the ISS into becoming a commercial space station.
  • The origins of Axiom Space and how they were chosen to be the partner for this project.
  • A rundown of Axiom Space’s business model for their commercial space station.
  • Some of the innovative ways that countries and companies are using the ISS.
  • Insights into Axiom Space’s user base and why they fly with them to the ISS.
  • The details of Ax-2, Axiom Space’s second upcoming mission to the ISS.
  • An overview of Ax-1, the first fully private astronaut trip to the ISS.
  • Takeaways from Ax-1 and how they conducted research.
  • How Ax-1 helped Space Axiom grow as a company.
  • Some of the research that will be conducted on the Ax-2 space mission.
  • Michael’s thoughts on the future of space travel for everyday people.
  • Insight into the factors that have helped make Axiom Space so successful in this field.
  • Hear Michael’s predictions of when we’ll see the first human on Mars.

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