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For Individual Investors:

Invest In Companies Transforming The Future

ARK aims to capture long-term growth in the public markets created by disruptive innovation. We seek to offer investment solutions that allow you to invest in the future today.

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Invest In The Leaders, Enablers And Beneficiaries Of Innovation

The innovations evolving today are expected to change the world at an accelerated rate and, based on ARK’s research, generate multiple trillions in business value and wealth creation over the next 10-15 years. While broad benchmarks reflect past successes, ARK seeks to capture future growth by investing in the leaders, enablers, and beneficiaries of disruptive innovation.

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Invest In The Leaders, Enablers And Beneficiaries Of Innovation

How To Utilize ARK’s Strategies

Disruptive innovation has the potential to be the main driver of long-term growth over the next decade. We believe your financial wellness should benefit.

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Source for Growth

Suited for investors who seek long-term growth by accessing companies at the forefront of disruptive innovation in some of the most promising areas of the economy.

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Long-Term Risk-Reward

Suited for investors that have a moderate-to-high risk profile and intend to stay invested for the medium-to-long term. ARK believes it will outperform broad benchmarks over the course of a full-market cycle.

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Portfolio Diversification

Suited for investors who want to diversify their existing portfolio with strategies that offer low correlation to a number of core asset classes held in most portfolios.

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Insights That Matter

ARK strives to enlighten investors on the impact transformative technologies will have on all of our lives and future generations because investing in innovation starts with understanding it.

Original Research:

Insights That Matter


Provides research on innovative technologies and how they will impact future growth.

Insights That Matter


Offers intellectual discussions on recent developments across disruptive innovation.

Insights That Matter

White Papers

Provides in-depth analysis of disruptive innovations and the investment opportunities created.

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